Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beaded Shoes anyone?

Hand beaded shoes are the favourite pass time for all nyonyas. They hand beaded each designs with their favourite motifs and colours and had it made into a shoe / sandals by a shoemaker. And you must know that those tiny beads are from Japan! They say it last longer and tinier and the colours will not fade! Interesting.


Sharon said...

Being a bit of shoe lover, I think these look very nice and I have the perfect thing to wear with them.

CK Lam said...

I love this type of beaded shoes...went into learning to sew them too and now owns a few pair of them. More of it at :

Matelda said...

Well I hope those fancy beaded shoe inspire you all... :) I tried to bead once for myself... but till now is half finish... OMG I do not know when I'll finish those! Well done cklam!

Craftpassion said...

Hi Matelda, came across your blog and just to say "hi". Have you finish your kasut manek since it is almost 6 month from this post? I have made 2 for myself, first pair was my wedding shoes and got stolen in one break-in. Recently made another one and post it in my blog
I even made a purse to match with it
Hope you got to finish the shoes if you haven't.