Monday, August 18, 2008


The term Chingay itself originated in Penang, Malaysia, which is a phonetic equivalent of the Chinese words "妆艺", which means "a decorated miniature stage" or float. Chingay is quite a rare scene in Penang these days, only when there's a festival or Pesta (The Penang Annual Holiday Fair), then you will see them parading with spectacular balancing act.
Penang Chingay Association has been in Penang for over a hundred years now. In the past, Chingay procession was held in celebration with the birthdays of the Chinese deities or the procession of the Goddess of Mercy ( Guanyin ), its purpose was to worship and enjoy with the deity. Chingay is about balancing the flag pole (bamboo pole) and the flag are the main materials for Chingay. The length of the flag pole ranges from 25 ft to 32 ft, the length of the flag is around 25 ft, the total weight of these materials is around 60 pounds. Awesome!

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They sure have a tough jaw/lips!