Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lonely Beach

Love this image as it gives me both the perspective of a lonely beach and a surreal modern landscape behind it. Feels as though all the rest of the world are so far yet so near.
As you can see that there are a few "Sampans" or fishing boats around which makes this beach untouched by locals and tourists. The access road to here is not well known as it is at the back of a restaurant and used to be a private beach. These beautiful place consists the ruins of a fence and gate of a bangalow house by the beach.... which is a hidden place in town.
The hidden scene, an abandoned bangalow..... lost in time!

C'est interesant! Love this petit small living plant, it is striving to survive in such a harsh place. Hard living indeed.


Greg said...

Beautiful pictures - i love the white sand and clear water!

Hobart Daily
Bicheno Daily


The second pictures in the series is wonderful with a perfect framing!

Anonymous said...

These hidden places are really nice to find and explore. Looks like you found a kind of paradise and are able to enjoy it yourself.

J.C. said...

Welcome to the DP family!! Glad to have a Penang daily! Found your photos interesting and hope to see more on your blog!!!