Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Build in the 1886

I have stumble upon this building which is still standing after all these years. It was built in 1886. It survived the war and changes, magnificently, it is now own by a bank, and will soon be converted into a bank. I love the balconies and the windows, even the drainage pipe shows intricate designs. Well preserved!

This building is located in Beach Street Penang. If you happen to go there early in the morning, you will feel as though you are in Britain, as most of the building there are heavy infuence by the british colonial style, well I do not really know much about architecture but I love the street during early mornings and especially Sunday mornings. It is quiet yet nostalgic.

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J.C. said...

It is nice to see old building like this so well-restored. We have many such buildings in Melaka but in Subang Jaya, where I live now, haha ha the oldest building would be build circa 1980s! It's such a young township as compared to the grand lady ~ Penang!