Monday, July 28, 2008

The Magnificent Silver Chariot.

In conjuction with all the celebrations, the Indians/ Hindus has exhibited this magnificent Silver Chariot along Penang Street. Most of the Penangites will have no clue of its importance among the Indians community. This particular Silver Chariot will parade once every year during "Thaipusam" festival. This lighted display of the Silver Chariot has not been done all this while; this is the first time that it is displayed to all the Penangites and tourists. Indeed, it a rare occasion.

This Silver Chariot is owned by the Registered trustees of Nattukkottai Nagarathar Temples, Penang. It was shipped to Penang on the Jan 1894. It was made in Karalkudi, South India. It is also almost about two storey high. Very impressive huh!

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