Saturday, July 12, 2008

Night view

This is one of the heritage sites in the UNESCO list. It is the Khoo Clan Kongsi Temple. Only during special occasions then the Temple will be lighted during the night. Well, here I manage to snap this shot and give a glimpse of what it looks like during the night.


Hilda said...

It's a magnificent building! And a beautiful night shot!

But why does it look like it's covered by a mosquito net? Is it being repaired or something?

Layrayski said...

Beautiful! The carvings are exquisite!

Matelda said...

Hilda, It's true that there's a netting covered throughout the roof area of the temple. It is there to avoid birds, bats and insects; as they ruin the carvings under the roof area. :)

Yes Layrayski, the carvings of one of a kind.