Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Opening Doors

Sorry all, my laptop has been giving me problems.... took me ahile to repair it! Phew... I'm Back!
I have A very GOOD News to announce here... after all the hassle "GEORGETOWN, PENANG" has finally being selected as ONE of the World New Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It happened so fast and I am so excited about it! The announcement was made on the 7 July 2008, Monday evening, when the Paris-based World Heritage Council met in Quebec, Canada. This is a Great news for us as Penangites! I am so Proud of it.... soon I'll show more photos of those tiny secret lanes and streets in Penang.
Here's a picture of the Old Wooden Door which will definately open to the world outside from here! Congrats to all Penangites! Cheers!

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