Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coconut Sorbet

Delicious Coconut Sorbet!


what2see said...

Wow.. the sorbet looks yummy. haven't taste before...is it sold in Penang?

Matelda said...

Yes it is sold in Penang and only one stall. The lady is not selling it everyday only on school holidays and public holidays. You can get it at Lorong Burma, the Penang famous Sleeping Budha temple. Some Penangites don't even know this. :)

Jenny Tan said...

This sorbet is the highlight of my Penang trip since I was little! We were very fortunate that the last time we visited with my kids, the aunty was selling it on that day. My kids got to taste it, what a blessing!!! It's the BEST sorbet EVER!! I am gonna try to recreate it at home.