Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love Lane?

Do people use to come here during Valentine? I wonder....
Actually, it's just a small lane beside a high school.
By the way, P.Pinang stands for Pulau Pinang, which translate as "Pinang Island", it was named that way because long time ago, this island was flooded with Pinang Trees.... which is the tall tree behind in the photo that looks like a coconut tree. So that's how Penang got its name!

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Mahen said...

Fantastic. Finally I can get in touch with someone who knows Penang like the back of their hands (hopefully) I've been to Penang like 3 times so far and I love it to bits. I missed out a few places like Bukit Bendera and the snake temple during my last visit. Too many things to see, too little time! Hopefully when I make it there this June I shall redeem myself haha. This time Im gona count on you to guide me through the Penang Hawker food culinary adventure haha.

Maybe this will help you out. I used to work as a chef and I absolutely love food. I eat everything. The more authentic and exotic it is, the better. Sometime back I found this food map of penang, with the best of every type of food imaginable but I lost it :(.

I think it would be much easier if I could email you or something. My email is Oh, by the way my name is Mahen. Sorry for blabbering away without an introduction. :)

My favourite sight on the island: The little chubby kid who takes your order at the laksa restaurant at the bottom of the Kek Loksi temple. That kid has character! hahaha

Oh yea, Bayu Utomo Radjikin's works are awesome. Saw a few of his pieces at the Matahati exhibition at KLCC. Loved it.