Monday, May 5, 2008

Penang World Music Festival 2008

Kiddo on a plastic drawer chair??
Music Festival starts around 7.30pm. People sitting, standing, dancing, etc....

Ice-Cream seller walking around promoting!
The finale of the World Music Festival inPenang!


Antea said...

Hi dear! I'm an Italian girl and I like all this things too. Your country is very interesting... you know Europeans and Americans are all charmed by Asia!
Although you wrote about dance I wonder: do you know bellydance, in Malesya?
Sorry if I wrote some word wrong, I don't practise English!!
See you soon, Bye from Italy
p.s. You made beautiful photoes!

Rambling Round said...

Looks like a really big event!

Matelda said...

Hi Antea, we do have belly dance in Malaysia. Later on the 10th of May, we will be celebrating World Belly Dance day, and a charity event too. I will definately update it here. I do bellydance myself too! Hope to hear from you again! Cheers!

Jolenesiah said...

did u attend 3 days or only the finale?
did u went for year 2007 festival?
i regreted for attending only day 2 :(

Matelda said...

Hi Jolenesiah,I only attended the finale this year. I went by last year too! It was great! See you next year then! You can visit for more details. See ya!