Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Texture of the Old Days

Although it's rustic and does look a bit discomfort but I find it a beauty. It is full of memories and reminds me of the olden days when things are more simple and pure.


Anonymous said...

The same is true for here where I live. The olden days were simple and people got along with each other. Government didn't mess around with our lives like they do now. I suspect you are finding it to be true where you live.

Your photographs are very nice to see. Simple and straight to the point.

allaboutattitude said...

I was amazed by the architecture when I was there last week.
Drop by

Kim said...

Hi Matelda,
It's my first chance to visit your Penang blog, and I wanted to say welcome to the CDPB family.

You have a very artistic eye, and I love the photos you've been posting. Hope you are having fun with it. It's addictive! I look forward to visiting you more.
Seattle Daily Photo

Matelda said...

Thanks Kim, I hope everyone will view Penang in a special way that I do.